Paediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathy for Babies and Children

Treating babies is something I am particularly passionate about. I am a Specialist Paediatric Osteopath having undertaken a year’s Postgraduate Certificate with the University College of Osteopathy.

I will assess your baby for any stresses or strains which may be causing them discomfort. 

I use techniques such as cranial osteopathy which is gentle, safe and non-manipulative. Your child is precious; you need to know they’re in the hands of an experienced, qualified professional.

My knowledge as an infant feeding coach helps to inform my paediatric treatments and can help with a shallow latch, nipple pain, tension from birth and post tongue-tie release. I also work closely with local IBCLCs (lactation consultants), tongue tie practitioners, private midwives, sling consultants and doulas who help to support new mothers and their babies.


Paediatric Osteopathy consultation (60 minutes) – £80

Paediatric Osteopathy follow up appointment (40 minutes) – £60

Kind Words

We came to see Karly with our 8 week old baby after realising he only slept one way and seemed to have lots of tension and difficulty turning his neck. She gave us a treatment plan with exercises to continue at home as well as seeing her weekly to help him get his neck moving more freely. Karly is kind and caring and just amazing with him. He is full of smiles after his treatments and we feel so relieved to have found someone to help us get him comfortable. Thank you so much!

Becca B.

Karly saw my newborn daughter who was not sleeping and had very bad reflux issues (which was most likely adding to her poor sleep). Karly was brilliant with my daughter and talked me carefully through the exercises she was doing with her. My daughter loved every moment, beaming throughout the entire session, and most importantly we saw a big improvement in her sleep and digestion following her sessions with Karly.

 I also saw Karly for my Mummy MOT. It was very useful with Karly helping me understand where my body was at post birth and what to do to start getting back to my old physical self. 

When I first saw Karly, I was not very well and eventually was diagnosed with severe postnatal depression and anxiety. Karly very gently and kindly encouraged me to talk about how I was feeling and, although it wasn’t the main purpose of our sessions with her, our conversations helped me a great deal in understanding how I was feeling and moving forward to seek help.

I am taking my daughter back for a further session – would 100% recommend Karly’s services!


I visited Karly after being concerned with tightness in my baby’s body following a c-section due to him being breech. She carried out such a thorough assessment and was so gentle and caring while delivering the treatment. Her knowledge was fantastic, she explained everything so well and gave us great direction so we could continue the treatment at home. Karly made me feel reassured and at ease

Sarah H

Specialist Paediatric Osteopath and Women's Osteopath based in SE London

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